Lets have our kids smile without cavities…smile without dental pain!

Dental associations worldwide recommend the proper assessment of an infant by a dentist around his first birthday. Keeping that in mind the aim is to visit Smilez even before there is any problem with the teeth for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the cleaning you do at home is right and to give you the needed counselling on food as well.
  • To check for early decay and mal-alignment and rather prevent it.
  • To make the child friendly to a dental environment.

Many parents believe that milk teeth are not important as they will be eventually be replaced by the permanent ones...an absolute myth!

Kids Dentistry in Ahmedabad, Smilez Dental Clinic

As a matter of fact milk teeth are very important for facial growth, speech development, healthy chewing and act as a guide for erupting permanent teeth . Smilez specializes in preventive dentistry for kids by:

  • Giving Habit breaking appliances for lip biting, thumb sucking etc. to avoid braces in future.
  • To prevent the spread of tooth decay by fluoride treatments.
  • To prevent cavities in deep grooved molars by applying pit and fissure sealants. Sealants form a protective layer on the tooth surface thereby avoiding food lodgment and development of cavities.
  • In case the primary tooth is missing, other teeth may move into the space. We can help you with space maintainer to hold that space for permanent tooth.

When a child does suffer from cavities our friendly paediatric dentist can easily restore the tooth with the finest available materials. In extreme cases when there is an abscess or severe pain we can save the tooth by one sitting pulpectomy ( root canal in kids) and restore it the same day with a preformed kids crown.

But why wait for all this to happen when a consultation every year can prevent these problems!!

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