Who said braces are painful and unpleasant to look at ?? What if we told you that we can provide invisible braces and that too at your doorstep???Yes.. Drop in to know more meanwhile lets understand what Orthodontia means.

Orthodontia is that discipline of dentistry which involves the process of teeth alignment when there is excessive crowding, rotated teeth etc. It also prevents dentofacial problems in a growing child if diagnosed early and also treats or rather minimizes cervical and back pain issues if caused due to a faulty dental occlusion( the way we chew food ).

Smilez practices preventive Orthodontia too and also provides an entire spectrum of orthodontic treatment options that include different types of braces.

Different types of braces include:

  • Self ligating braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Clear aligners
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Orthodontic treatments are successful at any age !!. Adults and kids can equally benefit from this procedure to get back their confidence to smile with perfectly aligned teeth. Smilez specialize in preventive orthodontia in which we can diagnose the problems at an early age thus avoiding the need for braces later.

At smilez we have actually relieved patients of cervical and back pain through Aligners.You can check the video testimonial for that!!!

Invisalign treatment makes wonders. They can be couriered to the patient anywhere around the world.Do check the result of our USA patient wearing aligners!!


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