Do your gums bleed when you brush?

Do you suffer from bad breath?

Do you have food getting stuck in between teeth?

Then you surely need dental cleaning and polishing.

The major source of tooth decay is the bacteria that stick to the tooth surface with the help of the bio-film called plaque. The removal of plaque and tartar (calculus deposits) is the most important part of preventive dentistry in order to strengthen your teeth and promote better tooth anchorage.

Bleeding gums are the first sign of gum infection and if delayed the tartar is likely to spread to the underlying bone. A timely procedure of cleaning and polishing can do wonders. You can also get rid of tobacco and pan stains in no time!

Every healthy individual should undergo dental cleaning once a year and also individuals who are diabetic, having heart problems, under thyroid medicines or any medical health condition as a preventive measure. We eat through our mouth…shouldn’t it be healthy and bacteria free to avoid diseases?

Scaling & Cleaning Of Teeth, Gum Surgeries, Ahmedabad Dentists


Flap or Gum Surgery is required when the support framework i.e. gums and bone are severely infected and simple cleaning procedure is unable to give justice to the problem. Pyorrhea is the name of the condition which creates the need for gum surgery. The goal of surgery is to create a favorable environment for oral hygiene and sustain long-term maintenance of dental periodontium.

At Smilez, gum surgery can also be done using the laser to treat the condition with the least discomfort, no sutures and total gum rejuvenation in no time, thus increasing the lifespan of the dentition. Gum surgeries are also done when there is a single tooth gum recession .

Smilez prefers minimal invasive procedures than any drastic ones and many a times only our deep scaling and root planning too just cures the condition!

Scaling & Cleaning Of Teeth, Gum Surgeries, Ahmedabad Dentists

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