A wisdom tooth can pose problems occasionally and may need removing. They might also lead to pain, swelling and infection due to tooth decay, gum problems etc. Sometimes they need to be removed in order to prevent decay of adjacent molars. The expert oral surgeons at Smilez will take care of its removal under properly sterilized conditions and help you in faster recovery.

Smilez also provides emergency trauma services during accident cases involving the face and dental parts by our on call maxillofacial and trauma surgeon. With our precise and almost invisible sutures cosmetics cannot be compromised.

Other screening procedures by our surgeon involves cancer screening, TMJ issues, clicking of the joint, limited mouth opening, SMF etc. Many unknown dental bony issues if diagnosed at an early stage can be treated in time.

Many a times a faulty dental occlusion can cause cervical and back pain and we are proud to say that we have cured multiple cases of the same giving them almost total relief of the pain. As we rightly say accurate Diagnosis is the key to all !!

Wisdom Tooth Surgeris in Ahmedabad, Smilez Dental Clinic
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